Best Gifts for Surfers

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Surfing dads are awesome, but buying stuff for them is hard. And if you’re anything like us you have probably left it to the last minute to get your fathers day present sorted.. again!

When it comes to picking something we know there are a lot of toys out there that Surfers are interested in, but a lot of them are out of the price range for your average gift. Surfboards can be upwards of $800 and wetsuits can go for as much as $600. To make it easier to come up with this short list of Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Surfers that have stood the test of time and will get you in the good books this father’s day!

Everything listed in the below guide is available for sale at our surf shop. Feel free to get in contact and ask for it to be reserved or even get in contact to organise online payment & postage!

1. Hydroflask

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Hydro Flask bottles and mugs are a great gift idea for dad. These bottles and mugs keep your drinks hotter, and colder, for longer! These gifts are new in store (this week!) and are perfect for a surfing dad who is on the go and likes to take a coffee or water with them!

2. Ding Repair Kit

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Every dad is a great surfer (just ask them!), but a ding repair kit is something that will ALWAYS come in handy… just incase. Sometimes, waiting for a professional to repair your board will leave you missing out on some awesome waves, so a good do-it-yourself ding repair can be a lifesaver. This is also a great gift to help encourage your dad to stay active and strong in the water!

3. Wallet

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A wallet is a great gift for dad on Father’s Day. This is one that will last forever, and every time he takes it out – anywhere in the world – he’ll think of you. We currently have a wide range of wallets with one that is sure to suit your dad!

4. Surf T-Shirt

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Sure, we know that this is standard fathers day gift idea, but that’s because dad’s for millennia have loved them! Surf T-Shirts are a must-have surf gift for all surfer dads and will keep him happy this fathers day. Just remember to sneak a check of his size before coming in store!

5. Thongs

The Mick Fannning Thong is an absolute classic and comes complete with a built-in bottle opener that is sure to come in handy for Dad

The Mick Fannning Thong is an absolute classic and comes complete with a built-in bottle opener that is sure to come in handy for Dad

The go-to beach footwear that dad probably wears more than he should, a good pair of durable thongs can be relied upon to last a long time. We currently have a wide run of styles and sizes for men from Reef, Quicksilver, Havaianas and Sanuk that are sure to keep dad happy!

6. Stand Up Paddle Board Rockingham Gift Voucher

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This is the perfect Gift for a dad that enjoys the outdoors. Summer is coming fast and our Stand up Paddle Boards have already started hiring out on the newly redeveloped Rockingham Beach foreshore! With the cheapest prices in Perth, this is a great value gift for dad.

Very last minute? Not to worry, SUP Hire gift cards (and if all else fails, whole store Gift Cards) can be bought on our online store today!

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