5 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding Is The Best Summer Workout

There are a stack of sports that claim they can help you get fit and have fun at the same time (running, cycling...). The only problem is, they are absolutely no fun at all! Read on and I'll tell you why paddle boarding is truly the best Summer sport where you actually can get fit and have fun doing it!

1) Paddle Boarding Is A KILLER Calorie Burner!

At a typical casual pace, you’ll burn about twice the calories you’d burn on a moderate paced walk (5 km/h). You can easily burn over 400 calories paddling in a single hour and not even notice it!

paddle boarding calories

2) Paddle Boarding Is Extremely Easy On The Body!

Forget the constant thudding of feet on hard pavement as you struggle through another painstakingly long walk, only to be left with aching feet and sore calves afterwards. The only movement required in paddle boarding is your arms as your paddle smoothly glides through the water.  And when you happen to fall off? (Trust me, you will). Well, a paddle boarder simply falls into crystal clear cool water and surfaces even more refreshed than before! Although it doesn't always go to plan...

3) Paddle Boarding Is Not As Easy As It Looks!

Don’t be fooled though, paddle boarding can be a punishing workout depending on the conditions if you are looking for a challenge. Paddle Board world champion Annabel Anderson recently told Competitor magazine ,“I see people with a strong core whose legs are shaking in two minutes. Sometimes people who look the most fit are the worst at it”.

4) Paddle Boarding Engages Your abs The ENTIRE Time!

Maintaining your balance requires constant engagement of your abdominal muscles and, along with the muscles in your upper body, they’ll contract as you row from side to side. “When most people think paddle boarding, they assume it’s all about the arms—it's not,” explains Jose Gonzalez ACA Paddle Board Instructor. “It mainly targets your core and legs through the movement of bringing the paddle to the board and is a perfect workout for anyone looking to work on their Summer body”.

5) Paddle Boarding Is The Most Enjoyable 'Workout' You Will Ever Complete!

And finally, and this is what really seals the deal for paddle boarding, is that it is just so enjoyable. Beautiful scenery, cool water, no experience necessary and you can be up having fun and enjoying the ultimate summer workout in no time!


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